Visual artists that I discovered through social media pt.6

Witkiewicz Stanislaw Ignacy – 1918 Australian Landscape

Here you are, at the sixth part of my series of articles called « visual artists that I discovered on social media ». I still love writing about international artists and creatives that inspire me everyday. From painting to drawing, in the article I will write about : Moonsundiamond, Dans le ciel tout va bien, Danielle Roberts and Thomas Rouzière !!


What an infinite pleasure to finally write about Moonsundiamond, as we’ve been following each other for months now. The artist’s artworks are one of a kind. Sharp shapes, obscure colors, faded or flaring faces, strangeness can be named to describe the Zimbabwe native artist. His paintings are a celebration of what life has to offer : our darkest moments : anxiety, depression and the derealization or death. But also the opposite : joy, softness, clarity and magnitude. As I’m watching his creations, one word comes to mind : vision. Moonsundiamond‘s paintings are made to be analyzed, they are uncommon and yet realistic. It’s a constant lucid dream. The density of the paint is visible through my screen, the arrogance and extravaganza of the characters too. Moonsundiamond‘s creativity will talk to you, the misfits looking for singularity, modernity and a feeling of comfort in this absurde life.

We can find Moonsundiamond art on his Instagram page : moonsundiamond


Dans le ciel tout va bien dans le ciel (translate « everything’s okay in the sky ») is a mysterious French illustrator. The artist has worked for many publications and has managed to preserve his « identity » through the years. The main theme of his creations are those far and tiny ecosystems where we, the viewers, can observe little individuals like giants. Looking like a civilization or a tribe, those tiny characters are simply building their lives, discovering their world and environnements, facing natural events as wind or snow storms. Only they are not moving ! But as we are getting closer, we can finally see those little beings living and evolving as humanity did : from prehistoric ages to now. Dans le ciel tout va bien‘s drawings are delicate and airy, they release a feeling of nostalgia and melancholia : we feel like children again. The perspectives, the grandeur and the playing of darkness and lightness, the artist’s creations are well-balanced in all their forms.

Unnamed, 2021

Do not hesitate to follow Dans le ciel tout va bien‘s artistic evolution on his Instagram page : danslecieltoutvabien

Danielle Roberts

Welcome in the world of Danielle Roberts. The Canadian native artist gives us the privilege to see some personal moments of her life. With no filters, we can feel a passiveness, as the characters of her paintings are waiting for something to change their everyday lives. Mostly young, Danielle Roberts‘ figures represent the madness of youth, reckless, the disillusionments and hectic parts of life. The artist mainly uses grim colors as purple and red. The painter characters often have glowing faces and hair, to maybe indicate the inner activity and reactivity in them and to confront them to a dizzy and static world surrounding them. I personally feel some warmth looking at her paintings as a young adult that is trying to discover and comprehend life herself. Danielle Roberts‘ art will talk to you, if you are trying to understand yourself, you that are enjoying your circle, you that lives on the extremes, you that are trying to feel and live. The final moral is : we are the suns and essences of our lives !

Almost ghosts and surreal entities, Danielle Roberts’ art reminds us to take care of ourselves and of what brings us joy and unity.

Find more of Danielle Roberts‘ paintings on her Instagram page : daniellle_roberts_

Thomas Rouzière

Naminoue beach (Naha, Okinawa), 2019

Who are you Thomas Rouzière ? One thing is certain you are a French illustrator apparently obsessed with Japan natural landscapes. As a modern traveller, you use your thin black marker to draw and design those subtiles creations. Thomas Rouzière‘s art has the particularity to calm us, his drawings are flown by serenity. I’m too in Okinawa with him by this river during what I presume, was a perfect sunny day. With only two colors, black and cream, Thomas Rouzière’s art makes us feel natural sensations, we are travelling with him in time and places we could never imagine. It’s sublime and atypical. Using pointillism, the details of the leaves and trees are immaculate. As a naturalist drawing reporter, Thomas Rouzière‘s creations have the power to stop us in the present and carry us in an imaginary past.

You can follow Thomas Rouzière‘s career on his Instagram page : ttommattomma

You have now arrived at the end of this sixth article of the series « visual artists that I discovered on social media ». Stay tuned for the next part and as always, try to take care of yourselves readers !


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