My favorite summer 2021 musical releases ⭐

Summer 2021 has been filled with wholesome musical projects, coming from different musical genres. From Isaiah Rashad‘s last project « The House Is Burning » to Yves Tumor‘s new EP « The Asymptotical World », I’m more than grateful to witness a rich moment in the alternative and mainstream scenes. Today, I want to talk about the 3 projects that I’ve been listening to this past month. 3 artists that I’ve followed and loved for a long time. Hope you enjoy the reading.


It’s well known that WILLOW has been surfing on the alternative scene for many years. It’s crazy to see her developing so much confidence and excelling in what she is doing. « lately I feel EVERYTHING », released on July 16th, is the fourth project and to me, the epitome of Willow‘s creativity. Produced by Tyler Cole, the project provided a concentration of wonderful songs from rock, metal, pop and energetic ballads. Without falling in the feminine empowerment cliché, WILLOW is following her path but also the path of many black artists who have broken the barrier and stereotype that rock is not allowed in black communities. I’m thinking of Kid Cudi with the astronomical Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven (2015) N.E.R.D with Fly or Die (2004), Rihanna with Rated R (2009) or even Mereba‘s first project, Room For Living (2013). Some songs like « XTRA » (ft Tierra Whack) are the essence of this new school of rock music that I wanted to hear : the perfect mix of hard rock and rap. « G R O W » (ft Avril Lavigne and Travis Barker) has got this 2000 teen pop-rock synergy, a future radio sensation to me. In « ¡BREAKOUT! » (ft Cherry Glazer), we are discovering a hectic WILLOW, exploding her microphone for our pleasure, and it’s so liberating. But to me, the best surprise of the album is the song « Come Home » (ft Ayla Tesler-Mabe). The song is melancholic, slow and dynamic at the same time. But more importantly, the two artists have succeeded in joining their talents and voices with beauty and honesty.

Finally, the project also gives space to talented women musicians. « lately I feel EVERYTHING » is a pristine and raw female energy combination. A project that can’t be ignored, just like WILLOW‘s talent. It’s refreshing to see her forging her own path in this industry and as I had predicted in my Kid Cudi and Mura Masa article last year, I’m happy to see rock and metal coming in front of the stage and getting love from new generations. Thank you WILLOW for this fantastic project.


I have to say that I’m truly delighted to write about Rejjie. Rejjie Snow also has been out of the circuit, doing his own authentic projects. The Irish rapper has blessed us with the sublime project « Baw Baw Black Sheep ». Released on July 9th, the project is another proof of Rejjie‘s talents and inspirations. The candor of the song « Grateful » which welcomes us softly to the musical experience or the joyful Kanye West type beat song « Obrigado », the project is rich and positively surprising. « Cookie Chips » (ft MFDOOM and Cam O’bi) released last year, is very in sync with the project’s atmosphere. So is « Mirrors » a bouncy spring and airy ballad, a pure Rejjie Snow product. « Disco Pantz » (ft Tinashe and grouptherapy) is the sophisticated house song that I didn’t know I needed, and « Star In The Making » is a r’n’b deconstructed song, close to a Californian neo-soul vibe. The rhythms, the beats, the lyrics, the project is on point and well assembled.

« Baw Baw Black Sheep » is a sensible, mellow and bizarre listening experience. With funky and classy sounds, it would surely regenerate anyone who is having a bad day or going through a tough time. Once again, thank you Rejjie Snow for this solar and exquisite project, which is honoring your solid and singular discography and universe.


And to close this tiny article, I’m grateful to write about Tyler’s new project : « CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST ». Out since June 25th, the project brought me back to years ago, to the Cherry bomb or Goblin eras. As I also love the r’n’b and mellow Tyler, I will also prefer the electric and angry Tyler. And the fact that Dj Drama is the main producer of the project is even better. « CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST » is a beautiful piece of soulful songs : from the dangerous and trappy « LEMONHEAD » (ft 42 Dugg), to the mystical and jazzy « HOT WIN BLOWS » (ft. Lil Wayne), Tyler, The Creator is also allowing his creativity to reach an another level. It’s like the perfect combination of all the Tylers, the angry and revolted ones with the tender and romantic ones. From Lil Wayne to Fana Hues, the project gives space to different artists, from opposite musical worlds and it’s maybe one of its biggest strength.

« RUNITUP » is the southern song of the album, it’s an ode to unity and a call to celebrate, just to enjoy and fuck it up : the chords and the men voices reminds us of the joy of a happy crowd. And I can’t forget about « SWEET /I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE » a bi-musical piece, divided between bossa nova and electro-alternative. The song is a story, a sentimental musical adventure, from start to finish, everything is divine. Still, I have to talk about « SAFARI », a sensational song and the closest to what I wanted to hear : sensationalism, chords, a dramatic piano, the song has an OF (Odd Future) spirit, it’s unruly and out of this world (thanks to Jay Versace for this). It’s a unique way to conclude the album. « Call me If You Get Lost » is the project I was waiting for, real hip hop essence and the imagination of new a generation combined.

Thank you Tyler.

I hope you are now ready to dig into these 3 projects and the previous ones from the 3 gifted artists and musicians. Me ? I always am. Peace

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