Visual artists that I discovered on social media pt.4

Artwork by James Turrell

Happy to see you again. I think it’s time for the fourth part of the series « visual artists that I have discovered on social media ». From photographers to sculptors, here’s an another written piece to celebrate those tremendous artists and their talents : Nyanza D. ; Lissyelle ; Brednatella and Photon Tide.


I’m happy to have stumbled upon Londoner Nyanza D‘s artworks on Twitter. The artist wonderfully portrays the exciting aspects of being a black girl/woman. It is not a linear and frozen state, as every human being, we evolve, experience and live as we want. Nyanza D takes her own environment and inspirations to create such realistic life moments that I personally relate to. Her drawings give me 90’s and early 2000 black films flashbacks like Honey (2003) or Brown Sugar (2002) and especially pop art energy. It’s feminine and subtle but it’s also liberating, as her art can move and touch a lot of women in the entire world.

With ease and delicacy, Nyanza D beautifully expresses her vision of being feminine and the diversity found among black girls (skin, color, body types). Her digital drawings are colorful and composed of brown tones and warm colors close to brown, that highlight the girls represented and accentuate the themes : we are in their comfort zones and I am honored to be welcome.

You can find Nyanza D‘s art pieces on her website and you can follow her on Instagram.

Lissyelle Larricchia

I am able to write on Lissyelle‘s art today thanks to the wonderful singer and artist Anna Wise whom I adore and has collaborated with Lissyelle. The native Canadian photographer Lissyelle has her own way to see and perceive our environment. Balancing between neon or flashing lights, she captures odd and superb portraits and urban landscapes. She gives space to other people, by celebrating their presence whether it’s at a party or in their own rooms. Sometimes private, her pictures enlighten love, life and closeness with beauty.

As written in her website’s bio, I quote : « Her body of work is often still inspired by this compulsion to photograph, as well as by the vivid colors of early childhood« , Lissyelle has kept her inner child for it to cooperate with her adult self. She delivers popping and colorful pieces, which sometimes transcend our realities. Stylish, melancholic and modern, Lissyelle is an artist of her era, she pays attention to details and has an atypical sensibility for natural beauties.

You can find her artworks on her website and follow her on Instagram :


Brednatella is a remarkable Brazilian artist from Sao Paulo. His paintings are more than supernatural, they give a new texture and reality to black skins and black people around him. Imaginary or real, the portraits of Brednatella are exquisite and surrealists. The colors blue and green, are often used in his artworks. Culturally, they serve to represent aliens and black descendants metaphorically. So, it’s refreshing to see an artist reclaiming this in addition to this literary pattern usually used by non black people.

It’s magic and astronomy colliding, mystical and godly at the same time. It’s the quintessence of Afrosurrealism. The young painter’s art has really caught my attention on my Twitter TL and I’m glad to witness his progression and watch how his freedom allows him to create such impressive and creative art pieces.

You can find Brednatella on Instagram and also on Twitter.


And to close this article, I happily present you the mysterious artist Photon Tide. The artist has one of the most exciting universe that I have fallen upon lately. Totally in his world, he faces us with another dimension : by distorting our realities and our views. The artist takes risks by confronting our fears, the unknown and alternative situations or by altering social events and moments where our trust is at the highest level. The artist can also show us how creativity literally resides everywhere, it merely depends on how open emotionally we are to our surroundings. Photon Tide‘s universe is special, almost celestial and atypical.

Disruptive and highly psychedelic, Photon Tide‘s creations are honest and beyond transcendence. It attests to a new way of feeling and seeing and I’m happy to write about this artist that deserves more visibility, as I know he is inspiring many others out there.

You can follow Photon Tide on Twitter.

I hope you have enjoyed this article, I have personally taken a pleasure talking about those 4 talented beings. I know they will prosper and gain the success they deserve.


Peace y’all

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