Visual artists that I discovered on social media pt.3

Blue Gas Giant by Alan Gutierrez

In this third part of the series « visual artists I discovered on social media », I want to once again introduce you to fantastic individuals’ artworks. Coming from all over the world, their art caught my eyes and has been inspiring me a lot lately. So here are : Chloé Wise, Jurell Cayetano, Quentin Shih & Rori


The Canadian and American painter Chloé Wise is redefining the genre of surrealism and integrating a more modern pop art. Through her paintings, the artist is dressing her reality through an alternative prism. In less than 10 years, Chloé Wise has imposed herself and her unique vision and talent.

What do her paintings address ? The different type of femininities, the beauty of the today’s youth, a colorful youth, creative, chic, exuberant and ambitious. Chloé Wise combines neo fauvism and surrealism to reveal the beauty of colors, shades or nature. But mostly, the artist always highlights a sentiment of solidarity and togetherness as well as statements of liberty to expose your body or politics. Chloé Wise doesn’t stop with paintings. The artist uses multiple medium to exult her imagination : videos or even sculptures, the multi-hyphenated artist is exploring her ways of impacting this world and she is succeeding.

You can follow Chloé Wise on Instagram :

Quentin Shih

Quentin Shih has nourished his talent between Beijing and New York. The photograph is using analogical camera to capture the world and different anonymous lost souls. From Cuba to Shanghai, his images are melancholic and poetic. They aspire us to breath, think and escape from our minds through them. Quentin Shih gives strength and power to the invisible elements of our days : buildings, chairs or trees. The contrastes between the lights and the neons on some of these anonymous individuals,make them seem important, seen and atypical, like aliens in disguise.

Quentin Shih‘s photographs remind us of the clair-obscur of our realities, an inevitable fight between good and bad. Similar to neo-noir movies, they talk to us, they are subtil, independent and powerful. His images go beyond their state of motionlessness, they also express feelings and memories. The artist also worked for Dior and the prestigious international magazine Korea Magazine, which is an indication of his talent and versatility.

You can follow Quentin Shih on Instagram :

jurell cayetano

The New York native Jurell Cayetano is a phenomenal painter. His artworks transform our visions of life. By representing these essential and peaceful moments of his family and friends, Jurell Cayetano is placing himself as neo/post impressionist. Common and simple things are moving into a majestic universe. The accentuation of the skins, hair or clothes confer an importance to the individuals he portrays.

But more importantly, Jurell Cayetano is centering his art and creations in an almost activist and politic way. Those portraits of different black or non white persons, with different life stories or hobbies, are essential and need to be represented in the greatest art spaces such as museums and expositions. These individuals exist, they embody a generation in line with their own beliefs, bodys and jobs. Jurell Cayetano is putting the light on different black profiles around him, like a « photopainter », he captures those precious and intimate instants and give them core and substance.

You can follow Jurell Cayetano on Instagram :


Rori calls herself a cartoonist, designer and illustrator. The Saint Louis native is more than these honorable titles though. Rori is also a historian, her cartoons are meant to challenge the ideals of art and foremost, the place of important women in History. Her series called « 100 days100 women » was brave and also necessary. It enlightens many great and beautiful women who lead many generations. From the Nigerian queen Omu Okwei to Yuki Chiri, a conservator of the Aimu language and culture and especially, a writer and linguist. Or even the first woman in space, Valentina Terechkova. Rori is a teacher, an imagination catalyser, mixing art’s beautiful and candid forms and colors and knowledge to draw invisible or untold parts of history.

Rori magnified cartoons place women in different universes, real or magical. Whichever time and place, the artist embraces strong and independent women, leading their lives and following their purposes, all while inspiring many others. Rori also does BD for adults and children, where she adapts her drawing style to tell the stories of authors and writers.

Rori is an artist of her times, who tries to give a voice to many that didn’t or still don’t have one.

You can follow Rori on Instagram :

I hope that you found this third part interesting. You can follow my blog and its Instagram page too : @pointzeroworld – POINT ZERO WORLD.



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