Some talented German rappers and artists to follow and appreciate

For more than 3 years now, I’ve been totally inclined to German rappers. Even though I don’t speak one word of german, it appears that some German artists have succeeded in convincing me to take a look at their music. This is an article about my favorite German artists : Ace Tee, Kelvyn Colt and Serious Klein.


I discovered Ace Tee through an old college friend, in 2017. I gave a listening to  » Bist du Down » (2017) and I was directly persuaded by her voice and talent. Plus, the music video of the song is all I love : it’s serene, it’s aesthetic and modern. Ace Tee is maybe one of the best German urban artists. She is bringing something different. And I personally loved her passion for 80/90’s visuals. Furthermore, Ace Tee songs are collected and her flow is always refreshing. Her song « Jumpa » (2017) was one of my favorite of 2018, it’s a bop, it’s silly and cool. Ace Tee was needed and expected in the European urban scene. Her charisma and fashion identity make her an ultime cultural entity. She was also an H&M ambassador. She sings, raps and inspire. It makes me happy to see a dark skin girl flourishing and shining through her art, in Europe. 3 years after, I still follow her virtually and musically and I’m never disappointed. In March 2018, I went to see her in Paris, at « la Boule Noire ». It was a pleasant and sensational experience, especially because most of the audience was composed of French speakers. Her coming here confirmed that her music is universal and totally legitimated to be heard. Accompanied by the rapper Kwam.E and her band, the show was electric. Thank you Ace Tee for your superb musical universe, your energy and for being a real r’n’b muse.


It must have been 2 years since I heard about the rapper. I first thought Kelvyn Colt was a British rapper. When I knew he was German, I directly liked him more. Kelvyn Colt is intransigeant and straightforward. His songs are eclectic and diverse. From afro to lo-fi beats and garage beats, the artist expands his musical links to the maximum. My treasured songs from him are « DLMD » (2020) or « Miles Away »(2019) . Kelvyn is also a fashionable individuality. His graphic universe extends to some dark and austere videos. Still, the rapper songs are vivid and dynamic. I believe Kelvyn is hardcore maybe due to his voice but the artist has multiple voices and emotional inclinaisons. So, I encourage you to listen to his music and see his magnificent videos.


Picture from Google Images.

I’m really proud of finding out about Serious Klein. I saw him for the first time at a Kitsuné Afterwork party two years, with Leroy Menace and other German rappers. And Serious Klein has never left my mind since. The rapper songs are brutal and conscious. Plus, they are rich and edgy. His album « You should’ve know » (2018) is an authentic experience. From hip hop beats to trap, the rapper has released a unique and bold album. « Kia music » is an anthem, « Fly Love » is slow and closed to Soulquarians beats and energy (R.I.P J Dilla). It’s the perfect romantic song. « 91 Flex » is fatal, the rapper just goes crazy on it. « Coochie money » is a great tribute to Bad Boys Records, the 90’s formed New York collective. And it also affirms the rapper inspirations which also responds to the confirmation that Serious Klein is strictly an excellent MC. But the song from him that took my appreciation to an another level is « Lil Chapo » released in October 2019. The video ; the black skins elevated to masterpieces ; the brown and dark skin girls magnified ; the glorious scene at the table which can remind us of the « The Last Supper » painting by Leonard De Vinci or more recently, a respected and bossy gang like in « The Godfather » movies. This video implies Black people greatness and creativity. Serious Klein is never wrong and is always on top. « On a goat » is a main example. So don’t you hesitate anymore and go stream his music and projects.

I hope that you are now set to enter to the German urban scene and open your ears to more talents.


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