Talented visual artists I discovered on social media part.2

One month after, here’s my second article about new visual artists that I have recently knew about and more distinctively on social media. I present you : Bisa Butler ; Gabriel Levesque ; Karen Lynch ; Tishk Barzanji and Sally Nixon.


« Asantewa » by Bisa Butler, 2020. Source : Pinterest.

The American painter crafts are prestigious and vibrant. They celebrate life and especially Black people lives. Through those bright colors and those decomposed patterns, as in the cubism art wave, the artist succeeds to redefine the artistic world. Her artworks are totally focused on some African American people, young or old, men or woman, the painter magnifies and honor them thanks to her artworks. Thanks to the highlights of their skin complexions and their joyful and traditional clothes, Bisa Butler captures the sadness and transforms it with by power and beauty. Many black communities are discriminated on a daily basis and are constantly facing hard times due to their skin color or because they existed and differ. Bisa Butler paints are an ode to Black communities, actual or ancient. Her paintings are time travels and acknowledgement of the multi eternal beauty of Black People from America to Africa, famous or not, whatever the time and the context, they will always shine and progress even the hard times. It’s natural, it’s politic and cultural, it’s a birth of a new art era. And finally, it’s graciously conscious.

« Zouave » by Bisa Butler, 2020. Source : Pinterest.

I hardly recommend you to follow her on Instagram : @bisabutlerBisa Butler.


An illustration of the series « Cosmic Geometry » by Gabriel Levesque, 2015. Source Pinterest.

The Canadian illustrator artworks are totally out of this world. We enter a new universe in each one of his art visuals. With this white tiny entity on its way to a new infinite road with no clear end, the artist is transporting us in a galactic path. The use of blue and purple plus this black and shiny stellar front, are totally in accordance. His graphic art pieces are pure 70’s and 80’s spirit, two historical areas totally inspired by the galaxy and the space. It feels like we are listening a Moby album on repeat. Gabriel Levesque artworks are strange but technological and geometrical. The key word is futurist. The artist through those big circle lines, is directing us and guiding us to rethink our reality. A visual experience for a sensitive impact. Gabriel Levesque’s artistic vision invite us to a ballad to the unknown with some singular aesthetics.

A graphic illustration of the series « Cosmic Structures » by Gabriel Levesque aka Oska, 2016

A legend in the making and an artist to watch. Follow him on Instagram : @oskaOska.


« Vanished Empires » by Karen Lynch, 2018. Source : Pinterest.

The Australian artist artworks are totally unique and astonishing. Through those assemblages and collages, the artist provokes and reshapes the chronological lines of the universe. Her transpositions create some marvelous and funny meetings. 60’s people facing the moon ; psychedelic forms as sunsets ; an island girl watching the sun, the artist forces us to appreciate the universal element that is the sky and the artist pushes us to reconsider its potentials and its wonders. The Australian artist illustrations implies a common sensitivity because different human beings from the whole wide world are represented. It’s about unity and humanity fascination about the sky. This battle between the immanent world and the astral world is uncommon but totally real. So please appreciate those artworks that honor human creativity, the galactic world and their eternal special link. The sky is not the limit. It’s the beginning of a new way to stimulate our imagination, from the Antique period to the future.

« Vintage Tropical » by Karen Lynch, 2020. Source Pinterest.

I invite you to follow her on Instagram : @leafandpetaldesignKAREN LYNCH.


« My love » by Tishk Barzanji, 2017. Source : Pinterest.

The Kurdistan artist present us a mix between luxury and a colorful designs. It feels like champagne and gold. His illustrations depict unknown men and women in their everyday lives. Mainly at home but also in restaurants, sometimes alone, we can feel their loneliness expression in their spacious rooms and collective houses. Those entities are black, we can’t distinguish their faces and any particular signs of difference. It’s maybe the aim of the artist : to inspire a sentiment of anonymity and an instant apperception from the viewers. Those personal scenes call us to rethink our ways of living. This 80’s kitsch colors and furnitures reminded me of 80’s TV shows and musical videos. The artist is drown by modern artistic features, from the 80’s until now, nature and cities are changing but humanity not really. We are transforming the outer world but our inner selves are shaping at a different pace . Tishk Barzanji’s illustrations are singular and prodigious, they describe us and our humanity through extravaganza spaces and deformed places. A fantastic world where everything we know is misplaced and has changed. Planets and the sky are no longer far from us. They are a part of our lives. It’s advanced, conceptual and authentic. It’s about you and me and a possible futur which seems complex but magical. It’s surrealistic.

« Walking with the stars » by Tishk Barzanji, 2017. Source : Pinterest.

Tishk Barzanji‘s art perception is provoking and multidimensional.

I invite you to follow the artist on Instagram : @tishbarzanjiTishk Barzanji.


A Sally Nixon’s illustration for the magazine Arktimes, 2016. The headline was « High school confidential ». Source : Pinterest.

The American artist illustrations are direct moments of our lives. The artist is drawing her life and our lives. The use of pencils gives the drawings a moving state effect. We can imaging ourselves in those drawings. From school to fashion shows, Sally Nixon draws wonderfully our lives and it’s refreshing. I particularly chose this picture to present the artist because it seems so real and personal. I could see myself in this classroom, with stylish and particular students doing what they want, just being young and different. This is how Sally Nixon’s art is : it’s touching, realistic and cool. It’s about now and the present. It’s fun and tragic. It’s a modern experience and almost an ethnological art, a depiction of our environnement and its gems floating all around us even when we can’t see them : our neighbors, our friends, our kitchen, a classroom. It’s holistic and individualist at the same time. It’s a bridge between popular culture and intimacy. It’s simply personal and avant-garde. So once again Sally, I personally thank you for those brillant illustrations. Everybody has a story to tell and Sally Nixon is placing ours inside of her and her art.

Don’t hesitate to follow her on Instagram : @sallustrationSally Nixon.

Those five artists are ones of the actual artists that give a meaning to visual arts. Their arts are impacting our lives and they will continue to transcend humanity after us.


Follow me on Instagram : @pointzeroworld – POINT ZERO WORLD.

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