Visual artists that I discovered on social media pt.5

« Colony on Mars under plastic domes » by the father of « modern space art » Chesley Bonestell

First thing first HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE !!!! I hope you have started 2022 in good conditions, that your mental and physical health are in a good shape and you’re feeling well ! What a better way to start this new year than by continuing my series of articles : visual artists that I discovered on social media. And today I’m releasing the fifth part. So here are some artists that I have loved discovering on Instagram or Twitter, and I have a feeling that you will appreciate them too. I present you : Madjeen Isaac, Lucius Felimus and Tony Toscani.

Madjeen Isaac

The New Yorker artist Madjeen Isaac makes us discover her world through her artworks. The artist has her own vision and she has created her own way of viewing what surrounds her. With surrealism and clairvoyance and sometimes fantasy, Madjeen Isaac reinterprets her neighbourhood, her circle, her cultures and her everyday life. From strangers to family members, nobody is left behind. The painter celebrates some afro-americans parts or very culturally mixed parts of New York. Barbecues, celebrations, even streets are magnified by unreal exotic landscape, reminding us West Indies islands as Jamaica ou Barbados. By mixing those two architectural and worlds, the artist calls out the richness of New York and the external additions to the city construction thanks to caribbean cultures for example.

Madjeen Isaac reinvents our ways to see and think the real with talent and naturalism. She enhances the invisible, she adds to reality beauty and abstraction perfectly. And she paints without any faces or real places in a way that make us feel her inspirations. Almost therapeutical, the artist uses soft and warm/shiny colors palettes, that soften our eyes the moment of few minutes. From New York to the different tropical parts of her paintings, Madjeen Isaac is on her own path to talk to many with her paintings, reimagining the visible, crossing reality and paying hommages to herself, her past and present her loved ones and her city.

You can follow Madjeen Isaac artistic adventure on her website : and on her Instagram : @madjxo

Lucius Felimus

How spectacular are the pictures and creations of the Filipino digital artist Lucius Felimus. From cyberpunk to futurism and dystopia, the photographer and graphic designer welcomes us in a new dimension. Using the city of Manille as a base to experiment his ideas, Lucius Felimus’ virtual artworks are incredible and full of details. We can clearly name many series or movies close to his piece of art. For instance Love Death and Robots in the Witness episodes or Altered Carbon or even the forerunner animated movie Akira (1988). The artist captures with intensity what we can visualize as a possible future of our cities. A future of megacities where humanity is almost extinct or partly visible and replaced by androids and robots. Those illuminating buildings and flashing lights animate the streets and give substance and a sentiment of comfort and presence to Lucius Felimus‘s art.

Brutal, sexy and digital, the artist’s artworks also remind us of the loneliness that consumes modern cities. Cities where taboos and forbidden thoughts will maybe be the norm in those digital and future places. Sex, artificial intelligence and obscurity will accompany citizens, confronting them to their own choices and desires. From the saga Mad Max to the well indie appreciated movie Fallen Angels (1995) which I wrote about, Lucius Felimus‘ pictures and creations are already in the future, a future already in place that can’t wait to shake and shape us.

Don’t hesitate to follow Lucius Felimus on Instagram and Twitter : @luciusfelimus.nox

Tony Toscani

The American artist Tony Toscani‘s paintings are more than normality. The creatures present in his artworks are defying human norms and space limits. With grandeur and oddness, Tony Toscani has succeeded to create his own artistic characters, entities with big bodies and small heads, trying to apprehend their lives, social interactions or facing their solitude.

Close to virtual avatars which the painter articulate and give life to, those abnormal creatures make us question our bodies and ourselves. His artworks can make us think of some simulation games like The Sims. We are facing bigger and impassible humans, rarely expressing their emotions, infatuated with their phone or currently watching us, the viewers and dressed in neutral colored clothes. It feels like we are sometimes interrupting their everyday live by stopping by and examining the paintings. Tony Toscani critics with creativity and madness some many aspects of our today lives and even monuments. What is beautiful and choose to decide what can be beautiful or ugly. With his paintings and avatars drew with exaggerated human parts, Tony Toscani navigates between the required measurements that can define a human. Furthermore, the artist is closer to a certain future where strangeness, non-proportional physical traits are accepted. And he’s addressing a critic to our current stillness and inability to risk or pull away from our confort and habits. Thank you Tony Toscani for your introspective paintings

You can also find Tony Toscani on Instagram : @tonytoscani

I hope that you have enjoy reading this article and took pleasure in discovering those three artists and their worlds. And I hope you’re ready to read the next ones. Once again, I wish you a happy new year, 365 days full of self progress, awareness, pleasure and knowledge.


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