Brand new alt r’n’b projects and discoveries : Gallant, Mamii & Ace Hashimoto

The past two months, I’ve heard some prodigious projects from very young and yet very gifted American artists. It’s clear to me that the 3 artists that I am going to talk about in this article and their recent projects are setting the tone for the future era of r’n’b and soul. Let me present to you Gallant, Mamii and Ace Hashimoto musics.


It’s a pleasure to see Gallant‘s musical career. Christopher Joseph Gallant III aka Gallant has been a big part of my musical deconstruction and especially a big actor of the year 2016, a special year where the musical industry considerably understood or accepted a new creative generation of artists, regardless of the type of music (r’n’b, rap, house or afro). And Gallant has sweetened Spring 2016 with his debut project Ology and was even nominated for a Grammy in 2017.

In each of his projects, the artist revealed to us a part of him with a certain form of delicacy and clarity that we can’t ignore. His second project Sweet Insomnia (2019) was modern and edgy with some classy and subtil songs as Paper Tulips or Panasonic. His third project « Neptune » is undoubtly a gem stone. Released on the 26th of March 2021, the artist numerical communication was warning us about the astral coming of Neptune. The first song « Comeback » is a rhythmic and deconstructed 2000-ing romantic ballad, the harmonies are on point and so is the music and the outro. One the best surprise of the project is « Dynamite », a sensual duo with the queen Brandy. The two voices of the singers only make one for an orgasmic melodic experience. As we continue through the listening of the project, we are understanding the essence and the artistic organization of « Neptune » : Neptune is one of a kind and well-composed by talented producers as Stint. Some others songs as Third Eye Blind featuring Arin Ray, deliver a sexier and more profound atmosphere to the 8 songs project. The song « Scars » goes beyond with a Southern tempo essence completed by Gallant breezy voice.

Until the end of Neptune, we are attending a pleasant sonorous experience with the title « No More Tries » blessed by the sisters and princesses Vanjess. Neptune is in phase with our times and even futuristic for its tender and solar sounds. Don’t hesitate any longer to dig into Gallant‘s universe.


I’ve discovered Mamii‘s music thanks to a The Internet post last month and as a curious person, I ran to listen and good thing i did. Mamii, at her young age (20) is already a trendsetting artist. She composes and produces on her own. Her music is indescribable as she reminds me of Kelis or Janelle for her vocal identity and her eclectic sounds. She is riding her own musical energy and legacy. Mamii‘s first project called « 18 » is funky almost rock and at the same time sounds like a sunny trip inside our ears. We can feel the 70’s acid rock aura, a Fly or Die spirit and especially a new era Cali sound. Mamii‘s voice is well solid and singular, sometimes even rough, which creates a musical battle with the music, it’s so special.

Her second project Black Phoenix, released on March 5th 2021, is on another level. Mamii welcomes us with the namesake single « Black Phoenix », a fokloric and multi-melodic ballad, haunted by a superb bass. The following songs « Blonde Boy, Pt.1 » and « Blonde Boy, Pt.2 » incarnate the current solar new wave of alternative music. The guitar has a particular place in the project and Mamii‘s voice wonderfully rides on the music. From « Mrs.O’reily », a 80’s disruptive and dangerous sound to the pop rock « Milk », we understand that « Black Phoenix » enters no genre of music, Mamii is exploring her creativity with metallic and mellow sounds confronting themselves. Each of the songs is surprising and implicates a new part of her symphonic DNA and catalogue. Mamii even touches rap in some songs as in « So Far », a virtuose and very Neptunes-like melody. Nobody can be disappointed by this project, it touches everybody, it’s well thought and produced. Mamii is true to herself, singing about love and its doubts, shiny and dark aspects with kindness and sometimes, fear. Mamii reminds us that the next generations are well educated musically and are already using the ancient and actual formulas to guarantee the sounds of tomorrow.

Mamii projects are already available on Spotify, don’t hesitate, go listen and support a real artist.


And it’s an honor to close this article with Ace Hashimoto‘s debut album called « Play.Make.Believe ». The project was released on May 21st 2021 and the waiting was so worth it. I’ve first heard of Ace Hashimoto on the song « Track Star » and the godly song « Take Your Time » on Jarreau Vandal‘s 2018 project, « Anthology ». After 3 years, his first album is there and it’s flawless. It totally correspondes to Ace‘s world. It’s a crossing road between now and a unknown dimension, where we speak Japanese and English and even French. PLAY.MAKE.BELIEVE is a story, a journey of Ace Hashimoto‘s love adventures and tourments.

The intro is playful, digitally melodious, we get a grasp of the soul of the project. The next song « GIRLS » is so sweet, with the presence of a delightful bass and colorful sound. In « O.M.W », we get the theme of the project : the search of Ace Hashimoto‘s soulmate. Each song is a sweet moment, a Spring and Summer anthem which can give hope to girls and comprehension to men. « 2NITE » with its bilingual lyrics is talking to a broad public of girls, which will get those sweet words. In « Bad Habits », we are greeted by a voluptuous, laid back and chill sound where two exquisite voices, of Ace and Ta-Ra, are talking to each other naturally. No harm words can be heard, the project is a celebration of love and an understanding of women and men parts in relationships. « 4EVERYTHING » got this Y2K r’n’b sound and « Nice To Know You » is dreamy and comforting. The project is an invitation to evaluate our flaws, to rethink love and the communication of two humans. It’s a special and intimate album, voguing on the 90’s city pop Japanese and Vaporwave eras which looks very important to the artist’s identity.

I think you now get that Ace Hashimoto‘s first project, just as his music, can’t be ignored anymore.

Gallant, Mamii and Ace Hashimoto are golden artists and I know that they are paving the way for other artists and the realm of today music.


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