Underground artists to watch

I’m writing this article with a smile on my face. I always talk about underrated or underground artists from the entire world on my blog. But it came to me that my entire twitter timeline is filled with creatives and artists and mostly French. This article is well due and is a testimony to my admiration for these 4 personalities, that I know will have some amazing futures.


Picture owned by Erinapatra, from Instagram

Erinapatra that I know personally as Erine is my discovery of 2020. We all had a rough year and many of us have tried to turn our passions into something more real. And Erinapatra has marvelously succeeded in bringing her world in our lives. She is not new to the art world and we can see her techniques improved through the months.

Her digital drawings have no boundaries : from spirituality to esoterism or comics, Erinapatra particularly depicts black girls and women in powerful positions : queens, famous protagonists or supernatural creatures. Maybe as future manifestations or dreams of herself. Erinapatra is just at the beginning of a beautiful creative journey where she is exploring her artistic possibilities. I’m always happy to see her artworks appear on my TLs. All I want to say to her is to continue to create and achieve and reveal to us crafts.

You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter : @erinapatra


As I write this paragraph I’m listening to his first project « Sous les pavés, La Plage ». København also known as Kevin is one of the beautiful encounters that I have had those last years. As I met him, I discovered a sensible yet strong person. I’m impressed by his various travels and his cultural knowledge. All his life experiences can be felt in his musical projects.

Both of them were revealed in 2020. « Sous Les Pavés, La Plage » is like its name is, loaded in tender and melancholic energy. We are flowing through some delicate songs and ballads such as « A Story of Wine and Smokes » or the aerial « I Love You ». The project is an impressive piece of neo-classical music. I’m not an expert on classical music, but if you have a little sense of earing, you won’t be able to deny the talent and high quality of the project.

At the end of 2020, København offered us a second opus: « The Promises of Safety ». And it’s in complete opposition to his summer album. The first song « Title » is tragic and profound and it announces the theme of the album. The songs are split between hope and resignation. The solar force from the first album has been transformed into a darker atmosphere but it’s not scary, we can enjoy these true moments of vulnerability. « Le Pirée La Nuit » (my fav), reminded me of Debussy, also known for his philosophical musical pieces. The song is aquatic and natural : the piano touches are graciously confronting each other. As you have rode my words, Kevin’s music is true, immaculate and universal.

You can find København‘s music on Spotify and Apple Music. You can also find Kevin on Instagram : Kevin Hanni Messina. Enjoy.


Picture rights owned by Matthieu Diomande. Source : Instagram.

Matthieu and I started following each other less than a year ago. With the time, I fell on many of his photographs and visual creations. The young photographer has a singular and unique vision of reality. From Tokyo to Paris or London, the creative captures surrealistic and abstract moments of our today lives. His depiction of real young black or afrodescendants people makes him a photographical archivist. His inspirations allow him to surpass talent : from the New Yorker and avant-garde artist Blood Orange‘s videos to the pioneer Wong-Kar Wai’s films, Matthieu is a living proof that knowledge is a powerful tool. And his pictures and digital artworks result his learning.

Matthieu is setting the bar high, and is clearly an artist of his time that will challenge the art world with his vision and his individuality.

You can follow him on Instagram : Matthieu Diomande. And here’s the link to his website : matthieudiomande.com.


All rights of property go to Karoshi

And to conclude I’m presenting you Karoshi‘s’ futuristic dimension. The French graphic creator’s art is indescriptible. His planet is full of glowing and frightening humanoids. The artist is crossing multiple genres of art trends : cyberpunk, gothicism/emo or Y2K. It’s Alien meeting Mad Max and the Sims. Those creatures, shared between mankind and technology, are here to remind us of the numerous possibilities to redefine ourselves. Karoshi is giving a real space to his creations by inviting them into our natural and immanent habitats.

Karoshi has already made his mark as a promising artist in his area. You can follow him on Instagram : @karoshibyxanu

I hope that I made you want to follow those 4 creatives and I can’t wait to see them gain the shine and popularity they deserve.


Follow me on Instagram : @pointzeroworld – POINT ZERO WORLD.

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