Talented British artists that I love part. 3 : Reon Vangèr, Lynda Dawn & Oscar #Worldpeace

I’m still pursuing my articles about British artists that I admire. Today, I want to present you 3 individuals, creating music their own way. It’s been less than a year since I’ve started following these three, and they already have a big musical importance to me. Here are Reon Vangèr, Lynda Dawn and Oscar Worldpeace.


Reon Vangèr focuses one of the best thing I love about British music : its house and techno music. For many years, I’ve been a long listener of artists like Calvin Harris or Shift K3y and LONE. Reon Vangèr has his own musical universe. I first heard his music on Soundcloud and I was immediately convinced that I had just found a future gem of British electronic music. Reon Vangèr’s music is galactic, it’s strange and brilliant. He managed to create his own singular sound. His EP « Hue » (2019) is a concentration of multiple musical synergies. Each sound differs in its own way. There is no mistakes at all. The project is solid and sublime. I know Theo Parrish would be proud. My favs are the following trio « Missed Calls » – « Burn » (a bomb) and « New Flows ». Through his sound, Reon Vangèr makes house music and especially, British house music, live. I can’t wait to hear more from this Birmingham prodige. I’m already convinced that he has more to offer and I can’t wait to be more amazed by his future projects. In the meantime, you can check his new sounds and remixes on Youtube channels such as Underground Charisma or simply on Soundcloud.


Lynda Dawn is one of the proof that r’n’b is still alive. Far from the generic r’n’b singers, Lynda goes beyond. The Londoner just makes 90’s r’n’b live again. And it’s a real pleasure seeing a British artist take back this vibe. Her first project « At First Light » is totally a bomb of softness and silkiness. The project is a big blink to the foundations of r’n’b. Some songs really go back to its unique sound like « Fonk Street » which reminds me of the West Coast funky sound. And I can continue on and on. No song of the project misses the point. « Theme for Cha-Cha » is so smooth and organic. It’s an harmonic invitation to Brazil and its culture. Lynda Dawn is the pure descendant of singers like Minnie Riperton or Amel Larrieux : her voice is mystical and astounding. She has an old soul in a young body envelop : she reincarnates and modernizes r’n’b and soul. « Any Way You Want » is symbolically Motown’s spirit. You got it, « At First Light » is a pure musical gift. I know that Lynda Dawn has just given us a little piece of her art and talent. With her and Emmavie, I’m so thrilled by this wave of women r’n’b singers uplifting the game.


The North Londoner rapper is a pure MC like no others. I have discovered the rapper last summer with the song « No White God » (2018) and I promise this sound is a pure conscious anthem. The song challenges white supremacy, racism and eurocentrism. It’s dark, profound and clever. Oscar #Worldpeace is one of the rapper overstepping the game. His choices in melodies are calculated and well chosen. Oscar #Worldpeace is a lyricist, he links grimes and trap graciously. His first project is divided between numerical sounds and brutal ones. « Recluse » is a solid project, it’s straightforward, musically varied and lyrically rich. The project is personal and intense. I’m thinking about the song « No Change » or « Run ». Oscar #Worldpeace invites us to enter into a part of his mind. It’s hot and travels without any mental barriers. During the pandemic, the rapper has dropped a new project called « Sporadic ». As a new father, the rapper sounds more in phase with himself, more peaceful. The album is odd in a good way. His texts are still fire and on point. Favs ones : « Relocate », « Mmm » and « No Time ». Plus, Oscar #Worldpeace has also a particular artistic vision. Each of his videos are splendid and well produced. I think you understand me, you need to check Oscar #Worldpeace‘s music ASAP.

I hope I really made you want to check those three artists. Don’t hesitate to follow them on Instagram and other social media.



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