Let’s celebrate the 2nd anniversary of « Letters of Irrelevance » with a little focus on Patrick Paige II and his outstanding music

Patrick Paige II. Source : Pinterest

On May 18th 2018, the musician famously known for being a member of the musical group The Internet, has released a phenomenal blueprint. Letters of Irrelevance is what I commonly call : a spring time album. It’s aerial and smooth.


Cover of the project « Prelude » available on Soundcloud. Source : Pinterest.

But before this first studio album, the Californian musician has released an instrumental project called « Prelude » (2015) on the platform Soundcloud. A project which pushed me to appreciate a little more the musician solo pieces of work. « Prelude » is as an instrumental project, it sounds like a mixtape, the debut of something bigger. On the project, some sounds are immaculate and pristine. I’m thinking about the sounds « Metro » for example which is thwarted and digital. And on the other hand, « Deanna’s Interlude » is totally opposed, with its acoustic sound and its guitar. The instrumental project was an appetizer and this project made me realized that Patrick Paige II was maybe with Matt Martians, a music wizard. Individually, Patrick’s music is auto sufficient. It’s scientific and experimental. But Letters of Irrelevance approved the genius status of Patrick Paige II.


The cover of the album « Letters of Irrelevance ». From Pinterest.

Letters of Irrelevance is more intimate and authentic. It is about Patrick and the musician welcomes us in his tormented mind. It’s an introspective musical journey. From the intro « Silent Night » remixed, sang by a middle aged woman who introduces herself to us. Maybe Patrick’s mother. The next song « The Best Policy » with its lo-fi tempo, accompanied Patrick’s electrified rap. A part of the musician that I have rarely heard. But one of the jewelry of the album is « On my mind/charge it to the game ». In collaboration with the talented Syd and Kari Faux, the song is the reminiscence of neo-soul and alternative R&B. The song seems to use a Thundercat’s instrumental. It’s flowery. The piano + Syd’s voice and the light guitar notes = a fresh song that feels like cotton. Patrick is expressing his toughs and his doubts, this song is about love and Patrick is addressing in a rap, his emotions about this tremendous and complicated eternal feeling. « Heart and soul » is the reminder of the excellence of Patrick’s musical technics. The song is fluent and intangible. This singing voice is here and far way. The song « Voicemail » is funny and unexpected. This voicemail is tough and universal : the infuriated girlfriend tired of her man bullshits I guess. A boyfriend who was maybe trying to compose and let himself go on this beautiful masterpiece. « Red Knife » is poetic and romantic. We are now hearing Patrick sings, he sounds relaxed and eased. This song which is a duet, is one of this moment of conversion and change in a project. The kind of song where we can feel that the artist has totally found something he/she was looking for. Patrick and the singer Daisy, are responding to each other, a clear and limpid dialogue, which concludes to be the perfect love ballad.

« Get it to my N****s » is the WestSide gangsta piece of the album. With this song, we can totally get a clear view of Patrick’s universe and sensibilities : a man filled with tenderness and that hasn’t forgot his WestCoast side. Because this is what California is : a big and broad place which converges between art, poetry and which for three decades, some marginalized communities has faced a lot of injustices and brutality. California is divided like a lot of places in this world, between beauty and violence. The tragic balance of today’s life. Sometimes there is ugliness in beauty and beauty in violence. And Letters of Irrelevance exists to affirm that. The song « Ode to Inebriation » is the main example of this philosophical and sociological balance of life. On this song, Patrick delivers his sadness in a long monologue. Like on the cover, the musician is sitting on a car, with a half empty bottle of alcohol by his side. Encourages by alcohol and solitude, Patrick goes straight to the point of his unease inner feeling. The song is maybe the best musical piece of the album. He is letting away those emotional burdens.

Letters of Irrelevance is a short but a resplendent project. The musician unveils his life and his social and personal issues. I hope that the musician will continue to build his path and to finally get this peace of mind he is looking for. I can’t wait to hear an another project from him.


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