New musical releases that I love

Dear readers, I firstly hope you are having a great summer whatever you’re doing or going through. A new article for a new week and a musical one. This week I wanted to review and write about three musical projects that I’m obsessed with, three artists, three genres and infinite ways to absorb and understand their creations !


Oh love, love is a complicated and beautiful subject and feeling at the same time. And Brent Faiyaz has this special gift to symbolize every aspect of this universal concept. Released on July 8th, Wasteland is a rough and delicate project, dipped in personal conversations, not the easiest ones, interesting and cinematic interludes and the artist inner thoughts and resentments. A failed and missed relationship, the loss of an almost child and primarly a digest of a young love story, a modern one, in the age of social media, the rising career of Brent and all this aspect of being a promised legend of r’n’b. We can all hear this project. The sensible and the broken, the ones that aspire to being understood and loved. Wasteland is beyond all its titles a wonderful constructed musical project, where the songs respond to each other. And it’s a very well produced album. Brent Faiyaz is well accompanied from the texts to the music from The Neptunes, Alicia Keys to Tyler The Creator or the great Raphael Saadiq, it’s a pleasing mix to our ears and a living proof that new generations are carrying r’n’b music with all this aspects that come with it : poetry, honesty, kindness and melodies. Some songs touched me deeply as Ghetto Gatsby (ft Alicia Keys) and the divine and sublime Angel, which is one of the most beautiful songs that I’ve heard, from the violins to Brent’s sensibility in his voice. A goodbye song or the beginning of a new story. Wasteland is modern with a 90’s melancholy, it will talk to you if you are looking for harmony, clarity and reciprocity in music and in your own feelings.


Bar Mediterraneo is the definition of summer : the project is fresh, a mix of multiple music genres from Southern Europe and Middle East/Northern Africa countries. The Italian duo Nu Genea has reveled their second album on July 15th and I can say at the right time. It’s honestly a real discovery brought to me by the gymnastics of Spotify algorithms. From disco to funk attached to wonderful chants in arabic and a poetic song in French, Bar Mediterraneo reunites different cultures crossing the barriers and redefining them. If you need a project to celebrate, enjoy yourself and travel from your house, this is the one. There is no skip and each song is a new world that you enter for your own good. Bar Mediterraneo is an organic and solar project that I hope will find your ears.


Dear Joey, how can I express my joy seeing that a sequel of 1999, one of my favorite album ever, will come out. 2000 which came out on July 22th, is a gem, a subtle and authentic project, dedicated to hip hop and r’n’b. Mainly produced by Statik Selektah, Joey Bada$$ reaffirms his love for rap and lyricism and especially the love and respect he has for New York City. From the intro The Baddest ft Diddy to Brand New 911, a sexy boom bap song elevated by saxophone. And how can I forget to talk about Eulogy, which is to me one of the direct child of 1999 and THEE bop of the project from the form to the background. A future classic ! 2000 doesn’t respond to any actual trend, it’s a sincere and personal project which will touch the hip hop heads looking for musicality and lyrical sense in this era. Thank you Joey !

I hope that you will listen and appreciate these projects the way I am right now and that they will bring you joy, comfort or pleasure 💫

Take care,

Lunaticharlie !

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